Throal Stone Calendar Used Before Scourge

Below the known events of the world of Earthdawn are presented in chronological order as presented in various official Earthdawn 3rd Edition publications. The new events will be added as the official Timeline progresses. The events described in the Living Room Games Earthdawn Second Edition publications are not included as they are not regarded canonical by the Earthdawn Third Edition.

Date Event
-100 TH Queen Dallia of Wyrm Wood is killed by the Dragon Alamaise.
Queen Failla ascends the elven Throne.
Elianar Messias is banished from Wyrm Wood after an argument the separation of Shosara.
-50 TH Elianar Messias found dead with the Books of Harrow.
Kearos Navarim travels to an island in the Selestrean Sea and founds Nehr'esham.
0 TH Construction begins on the Eternal Library at Nehr'esham.
Foundation of the Kingdom of Throal by Thandos I.
12 TH Thandos I of Kingdom of Throal vanishes mysteriously.
Thandos II becomes king.
36 TH Thandos II of Throal dies.
Thandos III becomes king.
76 TH Thandos III of Throal dies.
Thandos IV becomes king.
100 TH The Invae Burnings.
The Eternal Library is completed.
Jaron completes translation of the First Book of Harrow.

Nehr'esham is renamed Thera.
First signs of Horrors appear in the kingdoms of Landis, Scytha, and elsewhere.
The Great Uprising, led by Hrak Gron, occurs.

156 TH Thandos IV of Throal dies.
Thandos V becomes king.
200 TH Kearos Navarim is named first Elder of Thera.
House K'tenshin founded.
Cara Fahd founded with Wudra Muntak as first king.

First Therans arrive in Vivane.

216 TH The first Theran trading fleet arrives in Barsaive.
220 TH Thandos V of Throal dies without heir.
Braza I becomes king and begins excavation of Braza’s Kingdom.
275 TH Braza I of Throal dies.
277 TH Theran military armada arrives in Barsaive.
300 TH Therans conquer city of Vivane.
309 TH Construction begins on Sky Point.
341 TH Kearos Navarim dies.
Meach Vara Lingam becomes Elder of Thera.
346 TH Meach Vara Lingam publishes the Rites of Protection and Passage
360 TH c. Troll kingdom of Ustrect is founded with R’Gvaya Bash’ak as first King.
Construction of Sky Point completed.
402 TH Lugrul of Cara Fahd dies.
405 TH Crystal Raiders attack Shosaran trading vessel.
Begin of Orichalcum Wars.
407 TH The Forgotten Queen of Ustrect declares war on Cara Fahd.
408 TH King Wujemba ascends throne of Cara Fahd.
423 TH Two year peace in Cara Fahd begins.
425 TH Landis attacks Cara Fahd.
The protectors (Engrandu) and Blades of Cara Fahd are created.
440 TH Sacrifice of Cathon Grimeye at a lava field in the war against Landis.
Cara Fahd collapses. Queen Zarina of Landis on the field.
443 TH Battle of Sky Point.
Theran behemoth destroys several Crystal Raider villages in the Twilight Peaks.
First Governor Thom Edro proclaims Theran Empire.

Queen Jonatha of Throal signs peace agreement with Thera ending the Orichalcum Wars.
Barsaive is made province of Thera.
Kern Fallo is named Overlord of Barsaive.

450 TH Jaron creates the Sphinx of Thera.
493 TH Construction begins on Parlainth, the Theran provincial capital in Barsaive.
543 TH Parlainth formally opens.
590 TH Overlord Kern Fallo recalled to Thera by Thom Edro.
634 TH Queen Bevelona of Throal dies without heir.
House Avalus, the current royal line, takes power with Jothan I.
700 TH First true Horrors appear in Barsaive.
870 TH Jothan IV creates guild system in Throal.
900 TH Queen Ulutur begins construction on Halls of Throal.
Braza’s Kingdom is sealed.
950 TH Varulus I ascends the throne in Throal.
960 TH Varulus I commissions the Book of Tomorrow.
1008 TH Begin of the Scourge.
Thera seals its citadel.
1020 TH Ersh Wearg becomes Overlord of Barsaive.
1032 TH The Raggok Incident in Throal.
1044 TH Overlord Ersh Wearg seeks shelter in Throal, fleeing Parlainth.
1045 TH Parlainth vanishes from Barsaive.
1049 TH Varulus I journeys to speak with the Great Dragon Icewing.
1050 TH Flesh eating worms rain on Throal for 20 days and nights.The Weeping: Throal seals its doors.
1055 TH Ersh Wearg dies in a cave-in.
1057 TH Horrors manifest in Throal, but are defeated.
1160 TH King Varulus I of Throal dies at age 270.
Varulus II becomes king.
1262 TH The wooden kaer of Wyrm Wood collapses.
Ritual of Thorns: Wyrm Wood is renamed Blood Wood.
1270 TH The Council Compact is published by Varulus II.
1373 TH King Varulus II of Throal dies at age 258.
Varulus III becomes king.
1399 TH Thera believed to have opened its citadel.
1409 TH First throalic scouting party heads outside and never returns.
1410 TH Crystal Raiders emerge from their kaers in the Twilight Peaks.
1412 TH Vaare Longfang returns from a scouting mission outside Throal.
1415 TH The magic level of the world stabilizes for some unknown reason.
1416 TH The first voyage of the Earthdawn.
1418 TH The second voyage of the Earthdawn. The ship never returns.
1420 TH Throal opens its gates and begins to resettle the mountains.
1430 TH City of Urupa founded.
1442 TH Therans return to Vivane and reconquer it.
1449 TH Theran vessels return to Barsaive.
House K'tenshin awakens.
First reports of House Henghyoke on the Serpent River.
1452 TH Parlainth rediscovered by J'role and Garlthik One-Eye.
1456 TH Overgovernor Pavelis attempts to destroy The Floating City of House V'strimon but fails.
1458 TH The Theran War ends with Therans retreating to Vivane.
The Free Trade Compact is signed.
1474 TH Prince Neden, only child of Varulus III, born.
1484 TH The Death Rebellion occurs in Throal:
Prince Neden is kidnapped by the Theran Nethermancer Mordom and vivisected, but eventually saved and healed by the Great Dragon Mountainshadow.
1488 TH House Ishkarat seizes island of Filen from House Syrtis.
1491 TH The outpost Haven in Parlainth is founded by the troll Torgak.
1497 TH Guild of Guildmasters created in Throal.
Founding of Kaer Eidolon established at confluence of Serpent and Mothingale Rivers.
1498 TH The Return of House T'kambras, led by Jedaiyen Westhrall.
1502 TH Battles between House Ishkarat and Syrtis end with Battle of Sejanus.
A only seven year old child becomes new Shivalahala of House Syrtis.
1507 TH Varulus III travels to visit the Shivalahala of House Syrtis. The meeting ends with Varulus flying into an uncharacteristic rage and leaving hastily.
1509 TH
1510 TH Now