Spellcasting is a talent that is available only to magician disciplines.

The Spellcasting talent simply enables a magician to cast spells and is common to all magicians. The Thread Weaving talent dictates from which spell list a magician can learn spells. Once a spell is learned, it is placed into a magician’s Grimoire (such as a spell book).

Thread Weaving and SpellcastingEdit

Integral to Spellcasting is the Thread Weaving talent. In contrast to Spellcasting, Thread Weaving is unique to each discipline. Thread Weaving [Elementalism] for example, allows a magician to learn and weave threads to Elementalist spells.

In order to cast a spell, a magician must possess the Spellcasting talent and a relevant Thread Weaving talent. Typically, threads are woven to form the pattern of a spell in astral space, then cast through the medium of a Matrix to produce an effect in the physical realm.

Thread Weaving determines how proficient a magician is at forming patterns and weaving threads for a particular type of magic, and Spellcasting determines how powerful the effects are.