A young elf stood before me, his pain-wracked face and body covered with thorns. He knelt down and opened his arms as if to embrace me. Dark red blood, rich with life, seeped down each thorn and gathered at the tip. The drops swelled almost to bursting, then fell to the ground.

The Blood Wood sourcebook leads Earthdawn players and gamemasters into the depths of the Blood Wood, one of Barsaive's most mysterious and dangerous places. It provides a detailed look at the Elven Court, including Queen Alachia's palace; the five great elven noble houses; the blood warders and exolashers, powerful magicians and elite warriors who serve the elf queen; and the many different regions of the vast forest where the blood elves live. It also includes descriptions and statistics for several new creatures, as well as rules for playing blood elf characters.

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