Equinox is a roleplaying game published by Vagrant Workshop. It started development as the Eighth World setting of then Earthdawn publisher Red Brick, a far future beyond Shadowrun's Sixth World.

Connection to Earthdawn/ShadowrunEdit

Excerpt Vagrant Workshop FAQ [1]

I heard equinox was based on Earthdawn and Shadowrun. What's the deal about that?
Date: 21.01.2016
equinox was indeed born out of the idea to create a third setting in the far future of the universe shared by Earthdawn and Shadowrun. The idea came to us when we were working on Earthdawn, back in the day when we were part of RedBrick Limited. Unfortunately, that never came to happen because RedBrick broke apart while equinox was still in development.
There have been a dozen other influences shaping the equinox setting to what it is, however. If you look closely, you'll find equinox could still be a possible future—even though the games don't share anything else. The same could be said about other games—FFG's Fireborn, for example, could be a modern-day version of Earthdawn.


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