The Delaris Mountains lie at the western border of Barsaive, about 10 days walking south of the city of Jerris and 12 days walking north of Vivane and Sky Point. Their name derives from the Elf word for quiet or serene. Although breathtaking in their beauty, the Delaris Mountains possess an odd quality: For some unknown reason they seem to swallow any kind of sound. While this makes the mountains a perfect place for those who seek solitude and peace for meditation, it turns into a dangerous threat as all kind of predators are able to sneak up quietly upon their prey and all calls for help will go unheard.

According to legend, the monastery to which the elven scholar Elianar Messias was banished to for opposing Queen Failla on her decision on the separation of Shosara is located here. Many have tried to find the caves, in which Elianar Messias is said to have found the Books of Harrow, or the monastery where he is said to have translated the first one, but none have succeeded so far.