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2006-10-23 decision to connect Shadowrun and Earthdawn [1] - October 23 2006, 07:11 AM - Link

Yes, FASA had marketing people, one of whom (Jill Lucas) went on to become President of FASA when Sam Lewis left the company in 1995 (or maybe late 1994).

And the marketing people were very much involved in planning products for all of FASA's games (at that time, BattleTech, Shadowrun, and Earthdawn).

However, the decision to tie ED to SR was most definitely NOT made by the marketing people. I believe that decision was made primarily by Jordan Weisman and Sam Lewis, and to a lesser extent Tom Dowd. I suspect Jill had some input into that decision (that's just the way FASA was at the time), but the decision wasn't driven by marketing.

Think about it. Was the connection between the two games ever used as a selling point in advertisements for either game? We were careful to never make any official statements about the connection between the two games. It was intended to be something cool and interesting about the games, NOT a marketing ploy. And in fact, if it were a marketing ploy, we would have been far more upfront about it.

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